Welcome to our graph of our favourite foods.

We are doing lots of graphing in our classroom. When we made a graph of our favourite foods, the clear winner was pizza. We wondered whether other people felt the same way as we did. Could you help us find out by adding your name and where you are from in the correct column below? Just click on "Edit this Page", then put the cursor in the correct place on the page and type in your name and where you are from. If you don't choose pizza or noodles, let us know what your favourite food is, too. If you want to send us a note, you can add that in the "Optional" spot at the bottom. Then, click "Save" at the top or bottom of the page.
Other Foods
Katie from Moose Ja
Megan from Moose Jaw
Chili - Park from Moose Jaw

Vanilla Icecream-Angie from Adelaide
Brandon from Moose Jaw
Sarah from Moose Jaw
Soup - Kayd from Moose Jaw
Broc from Moose Jaw
Keira from Moose Jaw
Cheese - Zakery from Moose Jaw
Cody V. from Moose Jaw
Ariel from Moose Jaw
Tacos - Savannah from Moose Jaw, Laura from Regina
Ryan from Moose Jaw
Gillian from Moose Jaw
Hot dog - Pacen from Moose Jaw
Mason from Moose Jaw
Mrs. Cassidy from Moose Jaw
Salad - Emma from Moose Jaw
Taighah from Moose Jaw
Mrs. Lichtenwald from Moose Jaw
Chicken and Rice - Tracey from Moose Jaw
Tiara from Moose Jaw
Kim from Moose Jaw
Chicken - Kristi from Glen Harbour (outside of Regina)
Ryland from Moose Jaw
Caitlyn from Mississippi
Steak - Jeff from Moose Jaw
Cody S. from Moose Jaw
Kiki from Texas
Spaghetti and meat sauce- Nicky from Moose Jaw
Ryan's Dad from Moose Jaw
Mrs. Minicozzi from California
Chicken - Mrs. Faris from Mossbank
Katherine from Moose Jaw
Niece from N.Y.
hamburger patties - Wayne from royal1688 Moose Jaw
Kristen from Hawaii

baked seafood pasta - Barb from Moose Jaw
Jenny from Wisconsin

Steak and Potatoes - Kali from Moose Jaw
Rose from Quesnel, BC

McDonalds - Adyia from Moose Jaw
Mrs. Mullen Hudson, MA

Chinese Food- Jane from Moose Jaw (U of R), Angelina from Regina (U of R)
Susan L. - Assiniboia

Pancakes - Miss Erin Nystrom from Regina (U of R student)
Keith S.- Moose Jaw

Chocolate! - Mrs Beedles from Shellharbour, NSW, Australia
Micah S - Shanghai, China

Salsa & chips - Brett from Arizona, USA
Jeanna B - North Carolina

tocos -Shaelyn from moose jaw
Char- Calgary
Amy from Surprise, AZ

raspberries - Miss Ross, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Maria Regina, SK

Chinese - Jim Chee from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Penny maryville, TN

Chinese - Mrs. Arnold from Ithaca, New York
Marsha Maryville Tennessee

Turkey - Mr. Finch from Winnipeg, MB
Dianne, from Bennettsville, South Carolina

Ice Cream - Christina from Moose Jaw
Ashley from Star City, AR

Turkey and mashed potatoes- Laurie McCandless, Regina Sk.
Stephanie - Oregon

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding - Lorraine S from Nottingham, England
Jay-Portal, GA

Prawn Green Curry - John Pearce from Geelong, Australia
Jill-Bossier City, LA, USA

Lobster - Suzanne Ketchum from Pleasantville, NY
Patti - Beaumont, TX

Liver Pudding-Joyce P from Burlington, NC
Chris - Boston, MA
Nathan- Sydney, NSW

chicken-katie`s Mom Moose Jaw
Fran - Acushnet, MA

Tacos - Tammy Illinois, USA
Kathy-Freetown, MA

Pasta - Mrs Kelso from Auckland, NZ
Margaret - Stedman, NC

Steak-katie`s Dad from Moose Jaw
Wendy - Nederland, TX

Cheese enchiladas-Peggy from Phoenix, AZ
Tiffany - Shadyside,OH

mashed potatoes - Ada from Nalcrest, FL
Andrew-Nanuet, NY

Buffalo Chicken Wings- Spicy from Oswego, NY
Fritz- Nanuet, NY
Sushi- Especially Spicy tuna handroll
Elaine - Gilbert, AZ

Fejoias (a fruit) - Jody Hayes, New Zealand
Dave-Ephrata, WA

Nachos with Cheese--Tina from Roanoke, VA
Laura-Bloomington, IN

Hamburgers - Miss Gauley (Bengough, Sask)
Yannick Lupfer, Freiburg, Germany

Fried chicken-Williams from Asheboro, NC
Fried chicken-Cynthia Wytch Samuels, Oklahoma City, OK

Bife de Chorizo- Silvia T. from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anything Chocolate - Evie Reakes, Gainesville, FL, USA

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) - - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough from France

Salad - Jeremy G. from New Zealand
Bean Burrito, no onions, no red sauce, plus sour cream (Taco Bell). Chris Russell from Peoria, Arizona USA

Dreyer's White Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - Sarah Walker from Surprise, AZ USA

Lasagne - Barbara from Hamilton New Zealand

Popcicles- Ryland from Moose Jaw

Birthday cake - Noelle from Flin Flon, MB

Guacamole - Martha from Washington, New Jersey, USA

Chicken Breasts - Tom from Ottawa, ON

Salt and vinicer chips - Ryland from Moose Jaw

Prime Rib and Baked Potato - Steve, Louisville, Tennessee, USA

Nothing is better than Grandma's authentic Chinese food (Cantonese style).


chocolate - Paula, Maryville, TN


Jenny from Eday, Orkney Islands , Scotland- Macaroni Cheese

Johan from Holland: patat met mayonaisse (french fries, yummie)

Mussels and Pipis (These are New Zealand shellfish that we have in our ocean and can gather ourselves)...Yummy!!!! Janet Blaauw, Te Ranga School, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Sushi and anything chocolate. Ellen from New York City.

Steak and Chicken kabobs- Gary- a Kindergarten teacher from Edina, MN

Pop corn - Lyn from Bothell WA

ice cream -Marty from North Carolina

BBQ Chicken - Mrs. Cyrus from Maryland

Pavlova! - Jewell from MO

Enchiladas--Mrs. Patton from Harvard Elem.--Tacoma, WA

Mexican food of any kind!--Julie, a teacher from Texas

Chicken Fried Steak w/fries....Linda Victoria Texas

Pavlova - a delicious dessert - Suzanne from NZ

chocolate cake-awesome stuff man!-alusine from phila

Chinese Food - Judith from Illinois, USA


apple pie - Judi from Cleveland, OH

Pizza and Mac & cheese- Margo from York, PA

Mangoes - Leonie a teacher in Sydney, Australia

I love Olive Garden! It's my favorite restauraunt. I love desserts! Tiramisu, Key Lime Pie, Cake, Ice Cream, Exc. I'm all about the desserts. Mary from Chicago Illinois.

fudge- Cathye, Nashville TN

Hamburgers or Steak are probably my favorite. Valerie M. from Austin, Texas

Seafood-Paula Nashville, GA

Strawberries-Debra from Collierville, TN

Lamb Roast Dinner - Kylie from Central Coast NSW

Sushi - Ms. Moody Clinton, SC

Steak-Mrs. Downs Alabama

Curry - Kathryn from England

ice cream shake - Ann from Davenport, Iowa

Beef Steak

sarah - macaroni and cheese

Seafood (shrimp, crawfish, catfish, salmon, oysters, lobster,crabs, and snow crabs), steak(ribeye, t-bone, prime rib, filet mignon), Bar-B-Q (ribs, chicken, burgers), and red beans & rice(with smoked or hot sausage) - Willie Moore, Jr. from New orleans, LA.

fried chicken wings-Mrs. Ross, Sara Lindemuth Elem. School, Harrisburg, PA, USA

Salad, Tonya Utah

Chinese food - Meredith, Texas

Shrimp - LBrown from North Carolina

Jenesa from Pennsylvania - Hot wings

Ice cream (pretty much any flavor)- Mrs. Morris North Carolina

Fish and chips with lots of salt and some vinegar-Traci Driscoll The Rock Australia

crabs and crawfish M Pennsylvannia USA
Juanita - Delta BC Canada

cinnamon buns
Marga - Delta BC, Canada

anything chocolate - including chocolate ants or grasshoppers

Chocolate chip cookies - especially right out of the oven! ~Lauren from Durham, NC
John - London, Ontario

chili hot dogs!!!
California rolls- Molly
White Stone, VA

Ice Cream hands down! ~ Mrs.Gurski from Plano, Texas
Bitsy - North Carolina

Chinese food
London broil- Miss Richards from Tennessee
Peanut Butter - Mrs. Harris, Wilson, NY
Thai green curr Tasha from Ireland and Japan
Fried chicken-Nancy from Commerce, MI
Chinese food-Melissa North Carolina
25 children
2 - Kirra and Sam
Year 1S - Lennox Head, NSW, Australia
Julie-Elyria, Ohio USA - spinach and artichoke dip with warm pita bread
Mrs. Struck ICE-CREAM! : )
Mrs. Williams, Davie, FL - mashed potatoes with cream gravy!
Kyle - Brisbane, Australia
Mrs. Weeks- South Portland, Maine...Lobster with butter, and apple crisp for dessert
ELED 302 Chicago-hot dogs and pizza and CUPCAKES
Mrs. Hollibaugh from Rapid City, South Dakota--cheesecake
fresh lychees - Tracey, Sydney Australia
lobster- Teresa from LaGrange, Kentucky
Mrs. Maley- Regina Saskatchewan, bananas
Mr. Bobby- Tacos at Sam Deiagos

Mrs. J. Selig - Virginia Beach, VA USA - shrimp (all ways) :D
Grace Toler - Greenville, South Carolina - PIZZA!!!
Janis - Harper Woods, MI - Dark Chocolate anything!
Mrs Valenzuela- Guadalajara Jalisco, México-Chinese Noodles (Love your project!)

Mrs Papadopoulos - Sydney NSW -Australia
Other food - Greek -Chicken/Lemon Soup (with rice)
My husband makes it for me, it is great comfort food. Do you know what 'comfort food' is?
I really like your project, it is truly global. And, evidence of an interactive learning community; I'm so glad to see that people are still adding their data.

Jennifer- Tampa FL- Cheese and crackers is my favorite!!!
Becky from Maryland - steamed crabs, yum!

Sarah Smith - Greer, South Carolina - Chicken Parm

Sara - Salmon roe - Kyoto, Japan
Anna Avetisyan- Belgian waffles, with white chocolate and tiramisu ice-cream on top... :)- Armenia, Ashtarak
Kathleen McIntosh- Anything Shrimp! I also like Rösti! Mississauga, Ontario living in Freiburg, Germany